SafetyWorks! professionals can train you and your employees on a wide range of safety and health topics --- at no cost to you.

What training do employees need?

New employees need a general orientation to company safety and health policies and emergency procedures. All employees need specific training on the hazards of their jobs.

Retrain as required by the standards, when equipment or processes change, when employees change jobs or return from long absences, and as needed to ensure employees know how to do their jobs safely.

To find out what specific training your employees need:

  • Many OSHA standards require training. The OSHA publication Training Requirements in OSHA Standards and Training Guidelines (PDF) can help you decide what training your workers must have.
  • Use Job Hazard Analysis to figure out if training can make a specific job safer. Use our instructions and downloadable forms.
  • SafetyWorks! consultants can survey your workplace --- looking at work processes, equipment, and hazards --- and tell you what training you need in order to comply with regulations and make sure your workers know how to do their jobs safely.

SafetyWorks offers training at your workplace

"I came away from the class with a new respect for safety and safety issues."

Chris Gianios, teacher

"The forklift training was phenomenal. I learned a lot, including what not to do and I have been able to train others in our company. I use what I learned all the time."

Peggy Smith, Manset Yacht

"(Your staff) did a wonderful presentation to a tough crowd. I don't believe we could be served any better. "

Laura Carter, Macquinne Inc.

What kind of training works best?

It's important to adapt the training to your audience. Training doesn't have to take place in a classroom and doesn't have to take hours at a time. Be sure to take employees' interests and experience into account. Different people learn in different ways, so use a variety of methods (hands-on, lecture, discussion, videos, etc.). And it doesn't hurt to make it fun!

Training can't solve all safety problems. If the task, equipment, or work environment is unsafe, you'll need to find other ways to make work safer.

How can we do our own training?

Does anyone else offer training?

Local organizations, such as fire departments, medical facilities, and large companies, may be able to help you with training. Your workers' compensation insurance provider or industry organization may be of help. Many colleges and universities, as well as private consultants, offer training on workplace safety and health.

SafetyWorks! is here to help you with training. Ask your questions about training through our Ask the Expert page. And, if you have suggestions for training SafetyWorks! might offer, fill out this form and we'll see what we can do.