Are you a trade or professional associations, labor union, educational institution, community or faith-based group, or a government agency committed to worker safety and health? The Alliance Program is a cooperative program under Federal OSHA. Through the Alliance Program, OSHA and SafetyWorks! establishes formal relationships committed to worker safety and health. Alliance participants collaborate in providing workers and employers with information, guidance, and resources to promote workplace safety and health. Mission of Alliances is to increase awareness of workers’ rights and employers’ responsibilities under the Occupational Safety and Health Act with a goal to work together to prevent workplace fatalities, injuries, and illnesses. For more information: .

Current Alliances:

State and Local Alliances:

If you want to start a safety program or give a boost to an existing one, call SafetyWorks! Our professional safety and health consultants and trainers know your industry --- and they know your time is valuable. An onsite audit will give you professional and practical assistance. Training teaches everyone how to work safely and avoid injuries.

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